An Innovative Fundraising Campaign Concept

Capture your audience’s attention with randomized ticket prices and a large cash prize. 

How it Works

How it Works


Define Ticket Amounts

Set a limited number of tickets and define a hidden, increasing price for each. (e.g. first ticket costs $1, second costs $2, all the way to $360) 


Sell Randomized Tickets

Participants buy tickets but don’t know how much they’ll need to pay for them until they scratch the card to reveal its price.

Select a Winner

Enticed by the chance to win a large cash prize for a low ticket price, most participants will end up donating significant sums to your campaign.

Case Study

Yeshivas Mercaz Hatorah sold 360 tickets to a $10,000 raffle they were holding. Donors commited to buying a ticket and then scratched it out to reveal how much they needed to pay for it. 

By selling 360 tickets at a steadily increasing price of $1 to $360, the Yeshiva was able to raise $64,800 for their cause, leaving them with close to $54,000 after the cash prize was distributed.


A donor holds a $216 ticket whose price they just revealed on the card.

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