Dial to Donate – Raise Funds on The Chesed Fund via Phone

At The Chesed Fund, our goal is to maximize the ways in which your cause or organization raises funds. From fundraising teams to preset donations, our software tools aim at getting you set up quickly and maximizing your impact.

Our latest innovation is Dial to Donate – a way to raise funds from donors without them even visiting your website.

This is perfect for an audience that does not have access to the internet, or for marketing your campaign in offline locations, using newspapers, flyers, or text messages.

Just in time for Chanukah, this new feature will allow you to raise more funds from new audience for your holiday fundraising campaigns.

Every campaign now comes with a fundraising hotline built-in.

Every  campaign on The Chesed Fund automatically gets a dial in number and a unique campaign ID number. By simplify providing this number and ID to your donors, they can dial in and submit their payment information over the phone. Your campaign page will instantly reflect this donation, and include a phone donation in the list of recent donations.

Using Dial to Donate has the potential to create large new revenue streams for causes, opening up new marketing channels and new audiences that cannot be reached via other methods. Start your campaign today, or contact a fundraising specialist to find out more about setting up premium campaigns for your organization.