The Chesed Fund
for Organizations

Millions Raised, Hundreds of Thousands Saved

Powerful, scaleable technology. Easy to use interface.
The Chesed Fund has empowered organizations to raise millions of dollars for worthy causes.

Why The Chesed Fund?

Ease of use

The Chesed Fund was built to be simple enough for non-technical users to quickly get set up and create campaigns. We put user experience first.


The Chesed Fund can support thousands of concurrent visitors to your campaign, processing multiple donations every second. We’ve supported campaigns that have raised millions of dollars in a matter of hours. 


Our dedicated support team is there to advise, assist, answer questions, and address any issues that might arise, in real time. At no additional cost.


Our fees are the most competitive in the industry. Aside from our forever-free option, we collect just 3% for premium campaigns. And our campaign consulting services are provided an a per-need basis, so you pay only for what you need.

Successful Causes

Creating Masterpieces

$1,162,250 Raised

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Flatbush Morning Kollel

$246,344 Raised

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Flatbush Shomrim

$461,143 Raised

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Rays of Torah

$306,997 Raised

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Fruitful Futures

$284,037 Raised

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Food with Dignity

$400,452 Raised

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Tag Baltimore

$128,611 Raised

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Columbus Community Kollel

$403,372 Raised

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Rambam Mesivta

$1,121,960 Raised

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Kollel Zichron Michel

$781,156 Raised

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Providence Hebrew Day School

$789,917 Raised

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Project Inspire

$561,002 Raised

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Ohel Moshe

$944,544 Raised

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Avigdor's Helping Hand

$996,465 Raised

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Yad Yisroel

$5,610,000 Raised

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United Hatzalah

$1,600,326 Raised

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Zyskind Bikur Cholim

$250,141 Raised

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$509,139 Raised

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What Organizations Are Saying

The Chesed Fund was there to help us every step of the way. Nothing wasn’t doable and the answer was always yes. The Chesed Fund helped set up our digital advertising and coached us in our marketing strategy. 

Rabbi Avi Goldstein

Beth Jacob Congregation

The Chesed Fund is truly an amazing, professional talented platform. Within a 24 hour period they organized a page, secured us the best advertising and had us up and running to raise over 500k in ONE DAY Flatbush Hatzalah is forever grateful.
Flatbush Hatzalah

The Chesed Fund was incredibly easy to use, and the customer service from their support staff was extremely responsive and helpful. Our campaign went very smoothly, thank you Chesed Fund, for your help!

Rabbi Nissel

DATA of Plano

Premium Features

The core of The Chesed Fund will always be commission free for all. We have added several premium features to address organization’s unique needs, for a fee of 3% off all funds raised. These include:

  • White labeled page with organization branding and no tip solicitations
  • Recurring donations
  • Fundraising teams & affiliate tracking
  • Easily add offline donations
  • Automated phone donations
  • Donors can cover credit card fees
  • Collect phone numbers and addresses
  • Sponsorships levels
  • Raffles
  • Predefined Donation Amounts

Who Uses The Chesed Fund?

  • Yeshivas
  • Kollels
  • Shuls
  • Schools
  • Community Charities
  • Kiruv Organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Community and Lifesaving Organizations

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