Why a Chesed Fund Campaign is Perfect for Holiday Fundraising

As the high holidays approach, there has never been a better time to create a Chesed Fund account and start fundraising for your cause.

Traditionally, this is the time of year when people engage in introspection and good deeds. Donors are more open to Tzedaka campaigns are actually seeking worthy causes to give to.

The Chesed Fund makes it easy to create giving opportunities for people, and has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations to raise millions of dollars, commission free.

Here are a few great reasons to start your next fundraising campaign with The Chesed Fund.

Stellar Reputation

The Chesed Fund has been helping individuals and organizations raise funds for their causes for over 5 years now, and is one of the technological pioneers in the Jewish Crowdfunding world.

We’ve helped raise over $30 million so far, and every month we raise another $2 million more for causes like yours.

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Outstanding Support

From day one, our commitment was to assist others to raise the most they can for their causes. We provide personalized support during every step of your campaign, and can help you with your strategy, setup, or any question you may have.

Our friendly and experienced staff is available via phone, chat, and email to assist you in the way that works best for you. We’ve seen hundreds of campaigns succeed and are happy to advise you on best practices and effective strategy- free of charge!

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No Commissions

Our founding principal was to make sure every dollar donated goes straight to chesed, which is why, despite the great expenses that go into maintaining a network of this size, we continue to be completely free to use.

Other platforms can charge upwards of 8% in fees and commissions. We’ve calculated that we’ve saved organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees – that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars they can give directly to those in need because they used The Chesed Fund.

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Easy Sign Up

Most platforms require to to speak to a representative before you even create your campaign. We enable you to get started instantly, allowing you to get set up and start raising funds in a matter of minutes.

This is perfect when time is of the essence for emergency campaigns. It also means that campaigns of any size are welcome on The Chesed Fund, there is no such thing as a campaign that’s “not worth the while”.

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Multiple Campaign Types

In addition to the traditional goal based campaign where you crowdfunding towards a specific financial goal, The Chesed Fund also offers a variety of other campaign types to suit every need:

Open ended campaigns – use a Chesed Fund campaign as your default fundraising page for your ongoing, year-round needs.

Matching campaigns – motivate people to give more by doubling or tripling their effective donation.

Recurring donations – easily accept recurring donations to your campaigns, allowing you to generate recurring revenue for your cause with ease and simplicity.

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Advanced Features

We are constantly working to add new features to The Chesed Fund. These advanced functionalities further empower you to reach more people and make more of an impact with your cause, and include:

Multiple currencies – create campaigns in other countries, you are no longer limited just to raising funds in USD.

Campaign Verification – get an additional stamp of approval on your campaign and instill trust in your donors by having a Chesed Fund staff member review your supporting documents.

Affiliate Tracking – harness your community to help raise funds for a campaign and give recognition to your most effective associates by giving a unique tracking link to each. This will allow you to track the success of individual members and teams within your campaign umbrella.

With so many features and capabilities, it’s clear why The Chesed Fund is the obvious choice for anyone looking to run a successful fundraising campaign during the high holiday season.

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