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Ukraine Under Attack. Urgent Help Needed Now

United Hatzalah is so grateful to the donors who have supported their mission of saving lives. They send strength to the people of Ukraine and the Jewish communities at this dire time of need.


The evacuation requests are overwhelming! People at the front-lines are responding and helping hundreds of adults & children be brought to safety every minute of the day. NO JEW WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Emergency Fund for Jews in Belarus

B’ezrat hashem, the Menorah Organization will take care of the yidden in Belarus who need help in these hard times, with the help of good Jews around the world.

UKRAINE UNDER ATTACK: Please Help Us Protect The Jewish Families of Ukraine!!!

Donations here go toward keeping these people alive during this terrifying time. Every single day is a fight for survival.

EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN for the Jewish Community in Chernivtsi region, Ukraine.

The Jewish community in the Chernowitz Region of Ukraine is reaching out to their brothers around the world, pleading with a nation collectively and each individual for urgent help and assistance!

These Ukranian Refugees FLED ON FOOT to safe Moldova, they need your help!

The Jewish Community of Moldova has so far arranged a number of temporary accommodation centers housing a total of over 1500 Jewish refugees, and there are more coming. They are providing them with shelter, food, clothings, toys for the children, and medical care.

Help ZhitomirUkraine Brothers, Zhitomir is under attack..

As war rages in Zhitomir, the Jews of Ukraine turn to you and plead for your kindness and generosity! Please, please help save the lives of Yiddishe
brethren in these critical and devastating moments.


People already living in extreme need are now facing a humanitarian crisis. American Friends of Small Jewish Communities of Western Ukraine is providing them with the most necessary:Food, medicines, transport to leave the war zone, providing accommodation and meals in places of evacuation. Please give anything you can to help fellow Jews in Ukraine!

An Emotional Letter From Rav Avigdor Nebentzahl Shlitta, Rav Of The Old City Regarding The Ukraine Crisis

ZAKA that deals year round with chesed shel emes has started to help and to provide support for Jewish brethren who are scattered in Eastern Europe. Donate to the ZAKA organization so the emergency responders can be there for the Jewish in exile in their time of need.

Support for Ukrainian Jews evacuating to Vienna

Please help us raise money to support the efforts of the Vienna community to assist the Ukrainian evacuees: Transportation, Shelter, and Food

Help Ukraine Refugees

While bombs are raining down on Ukraine, here in Lviv, refugees are fleeing in the thousands, looking for food, shelter, and security. PEOPLE ARE SUFERING AND YOU CAN HELP THEM!

Emergency Relief for Ukraine Orphanage

TiKVA Children’s Home, the largest Jewish Orphanage in Ukraine, is in dire need of support. They need funds to continue refugee evacuation and to sustain the evacuated children and community of nearly 1000 safely in a facility in Romania.

 A Message From The Chesed Fund

The Chesed Fund is proud to stand with displaced persons and those in need at all times. Due to the war in Ukraine, we have decided to create this landing page to aggregate all of the various campaigns using Chesed Fund Technology to raise funds so urgently needed at this dangerous and uncertain time.

Please consider donating to them all.

We have received inquiries about creating one central campaign encompassing all the needs on the war-front. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the complex nature of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, the wide variety of services being provided, and the vast geographical distances between fundraisers such as the Chief Rabbis of the major cities in Ukraine and United Hatzalah of Israel. Thus, each campaign organizer has decided to prepare independent Chesed Fund campaigns for their respective communities and efforts. They are leaders and experts in their fields and they know what is needed now.

Ukraine is a country with a rich Jewish history, from Odessa and Uman to Keiv and Lviv, a city now turned into a major stop-over for refugees. Indeed, my personal family lived in Lviv generations ago. Our hope now is only for peace and our prayers are with everyone effected by this war. May we hear bsuros tovos.


Yoshi Falber
CEO, The Chesed Fund

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