The Chesed Fund Welcomes New CEO and Fundraising Strategist

The Chesed Fund, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the Jewish world, recently announced two exciting new positions in the company – Yoshi Falber as new CEO, and Simcha Rosenblum as Chief Strategy Officer. These new roles will allow The Chesed Fund to further grow and better serve organizations and individuals through their mission of empowering more kindness.

Yoshi Falber brings extensive fundraising and business development, having worked in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Previously, he was VP of Sales and Marketing at the Chesed Fund.

“I’m delighted to be a part of a company whose foremost goal is serving its fundraisers,” says Falber. “From our commission free options and affordable rates, to the easy to use features we are constantly developing, our mission is to make fundraising simpler and more profitable for organizations and individuals”.

“Although I have worked In the corporate world ultimately, my passion and my purpose has become the development and success of the great causes within klal Yisroel”. Previously, he was director of programming for NCSY, Director of Marketing, Technology, and Alumni at Ohr Somayach International, and most recently VP of Sales and Marketing at the Chesed Fund.

“We have a metrics-driven track record which demonstrates that using our commission free options and affordable rates for premium service keeps more money by fundraisers where it belongs” says Falber.

Simcha Rosenblum has extensive experience working with the biggest organizations in the Jewish world to raise tens of millions of dollars on virtually every crowdfunding platform in the space. From crafting strategies, marketing materials, and messages, to developing plans and timelines, his focus is ensuring an organization’s fundraising success.

“I’m excited to join The Chesed Fund and put my years of fundraising experience into action,” says Rosenblum. “There’s an art and a science for successful online fundraising, and it’s my goal to partner with organizations to make sure their campaigns are as profitable as possible. Our mission is to streamline simpler and more profitable fundraising campaigns for organizations and individuals and now we are positioned to continue to change the face of online crowdfunding, and the world for the better

Start your own Chesed Fund campaign today and tap into extensive resources to make your fundraising efforts a success.