Amidst Covid Restrictions, The Chesed Fund Steps Up For Purim Fundraising

Covid 19 hit almost exactly a year ago, and its effect is still reverberating throughout our communities.

The rabbinical leaders of many communities have ruled to prevent institutions from visiting their supporters over Purim, which has severely impacted these organization’s ability to raise funds for their needs during one of the most pivotal fundraising days of the year.

Traditionally, Purim has been a time of Matanos L’evyonim, whereby fundraisers are able to visit their donors in person and tap into their generosity on this special day. This year’s unprecedented situation has left askanim scrambling to find solutions.

Just as a year ago, The Chesed Fund stepped up and helped raise over $10 million for dozens of family stricken by Covid-19, this year too we are responding to the overwhelming requests from the community with all hands on deck.

This emergency circumstance requires a new set of digital tools and strategies to pivot organization’s fundraising efforts into the virtual, digital space. To this end, the Chesed Fund team of digital fundraising strategists are standing by for immediate emergency consultations to help organizations quickly set up and run appropriate alternatives for their Purim fundraising needs.

The Chesed Fund has developed several unique fundraising solutions that are particularly fitting for Purim fundraising, as well as offering special pricing on premium campaigns and strategic services to assist our communities in times of need.

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