Together, we’ve done it. TCF hits $180 million raised!

We’ve hit an amazon milestone, and could have only done it because of amazing fundraisers, who have partnered with us to support the Jewish people.  This week, we reached an all-time fundraising total of $180 million.   And right away, we asked ourselves, “how did we do it!?  How did we get here!?”

 Just a few years back, The Chesed Fund started out as a small platform, designed to help individuals raise funds for their personal needs, at almost no cost.  But the need to change came quickly.  Amazing organizations approached us, asking for help with fundraising.  We were encouraged to meet their needs, to expand, to grow.

And now, we offer an arsenal of fundraising tools and customization options to empower every fundraiser to hit the ground running and make it to the finish line (and beyond).  

As our CEO, Yoshi Falber, elaborates, “We’ve made it our mission to bring these amazing tools to large organizations . . . helping them save money, compared to other crowdfunding platforms that charge higher commissions, and to give them access to our talented development and marketing team. The innovations on our platform should be shared with everyone, and we’re seeing more organizations using our tools every day.”

  “Can you imagine what would have happened if we had not gone through with this dream?” asks The Chesed Fund founder and CTO, Avi Kehat. “The entire Jewish world would look very different. Shuls wouldn’t have been built, organizations would lack funds, and families would be left needy.”

So what’s next for The Chesed Fund? In a word, more.

More innovation.  More tools.  More customization.

Here’s a short preview of good things to come:

  • Tax receipts for UK and Canadian donors, along with “hybrid receipts” for organizations that have accounts in multiple countries.
  • Expanded outside verification options for emergency campaigns.
  • More customization and sleeker display options on our “elegant” layout.
  • A revamped “donate-by-phone” system to include more flexibility.
  • Increased flexibility for donors with the addition of “The Donor’s Fund.”

And many, many more.

OK, so thanks for reading.  I guess you can go now.  But one more thing.

 To celebrate with you, we are giving you a free 30 minute consultation with our marketing specialists to discuss your next campaign. Book Here!