The Chesed Fund Responds to COVID-19

The Chesed Fund has always been there for your organization’s fundraising goals. We know very well the fundraising and budgetary needs of organizations throughout the years – through the ups and the downs.

With the appearance of Covid-19 traditional fundraising methods have all but ground to a halt. Your organization is feeling it and so is everyone else worldwide. You need a solution.

Organizations: Tomchei Shabbos Raises $200k

A great example of a community that put this strategy into action is Tomchei Shabbos of Rockland. Using The Chesed Fund, they put out an impassioned plea and video to their community to help those in need from their community who have been impacted by Corona. 

Splitting their community into teams using The Chesed Fund’s Teams feature, 50 different teams were able to reach over 900 donors and raise over $200,000 in a single week. This is a shining example of a community galvinizing to action and harnessing the power of technology to tap into people’s generosity.

 Similarly, Kupath Ezra of Monsey galvanized the community and raised almost $250,000 in a matter of days.

 Contact us today to get started on your own crowdfunding campaign.

Individuals: Raising Millions for Orphaned Families

Over the last few days, The Chesed Fund has experienced an unfortunate spike in individual cases as entire communities step up to help families striken by Corona, leaving dozens of orphans without their primary breadwinner. 

 It pains us that this is the current situation, but this is what we are here for: enabling individuals to start raising funds, commission free. So far in the last week alone, over $1,500,000 has been raised specifically for families on our platform.

We Are Here For You

The Chesed Fund team is standing by to ensure your continuous success even in these tough times:

Yoshi Falber – Chief Marketing Officer

 My name is Yoshi Falber and I am here to bring you through this challenge. I have more than a decade of experience working in the corporate world and with non-profit organizations. I have worked on large- and small-scale business strategy, company organization, and of course – successful fundraising and plenty of digital marketing. These are skills and experience you will benefit from when launching and preparing a campaign in these tough times.

I will help you make fundraising easier and tell your story to the world. Our free digital crowdfunding platform, outstanding support, and unparalleled marketing capabilities will get your initiative seen and heard, stay ahead of the curve, and meet your goal.

Feel free to contact me via phone, email, or WhatsApp, or get started with your own campaign today.

Donni Lurman – Customer Success

I have been assisting thousands of campaigns with any issues, questions, and concerns that they encounter along the way. From initially setting up their campaign to getting their bank account info in order to make sure all payouts are smooth, I am always here to help and advise.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or assistance you might need via phone, email, or chat.

Avi Kehat – Founder and CTO

 I am grateful that the platform I created has help raise millions for organizations and individuals in a variety of circumstances. We are always looking to add new features to The Chesed Fund that can further assist and empower fundraisers, and are always looking out for the core stability and security of the platform.