The Chesed Fund now Supports The Donor’s Fund

We’re excited to add our latest integration to the suite of chesed-enabling tools. The Chesed Fund now supports donations made through The Donor’s Fund, a popular donor-advised fund that has granted over 100,000 grants to over 4,000 charities.

By integrating with The Donor’s Fund, Chesed Funds can tap into the funds already pledged by donors to give to charity, making the process of collecting more funds easy and seamless.

To receive your funds, you’ll need to register with The Donor’s Fund, in order for them to transfer the pledged funds to you. If a donation is made before you have an account, the funds will be earmarked for you and you will receive reminders from TCF to create an account and complete the process.

Stay tuned for more powerful tools to help make your next fundraising efforts a success!

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