The Chesed Fund Announces Campaign Verification Partnership With Agudath Israel

The Chesed Fund is pleased to announce a new campaign verification service, independently run and managed by Agudath Israel, under the supervision of Rabbi Berel Simpser of the Florida Aguda.

The purpose of this initiative is to identify worthy causes and ensure that all funds raised are going to their intended purpose, for our donor’s peace of mind.

“It is our hope that this partnership and initiative will continue to serve klal Yisroel by engendering donor confidence, empowering fundraisers, and fulfil The Chesed Fund’s mission to do more good,” says Chesed Fund CEO Yoshi Falber. “We’re excited for what lies ahead.”

Rabbi Simpser is connected to an existing network of Rabbonim from the Agudath Israel of America in 22 cities across the country who currently provide letters of approbation for tzedaka causes and chesed cases.

“We’re happy that we’re continuing to help klal yisrael day by day,” says Chesed Fund founder Avi Kehat. “This exciting partnership is yet another innovation in kindness and charity.”

This feature comes as a direct request from many of The Chesed Fund’s users, who wanted to ensure their funds were going to a worthy cause. This service will provide any fundraiser, organization, or individual the opportunity to have their cause vetted and receive a haskama in a timely manner with professionalism, sensitivity, and privacy.

As always, The Chesed Fund will continue to drive forward in its efforts to make powerful crowdfunding tools available to all.