Powerful Fundraising . Simple Pricing.

Our basic plan provides unlimited campaigns and great support for all,
while our premium plan offers advanced tools and resources to meet the needs of professional fundraisers.

Additional Fees

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Credit Card Fees
 Credit Card Processing **  2.9% + $0.30
 Recurring Donations  +0.5%
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Alternative Donation Methods
OJC  3%
Donors Fund  3%
Dial to Donate (for basic campaigns)  3%
Offline and Matching Donations  0%

* Platform fee is applied to total dollar amount processed on the platform, excluding matching funds and offline donations. 

** For international charges, additional fees may apply: A currency conversion fee of 1% for donation currencies that are different from the one associated with your Chesed Fund account; and an international credit card fee of 1% for cards issued by a bank outside your country.