Premium Features

Maximum Effectiveness

Fundraising Teams

Tap into the collective power of your community and recognize the fundraising teams that drive the most donations to your cuase.

Personalized Platform Support Expert

Personalized support for your campaign, knowing you always have a platform expert to consult with.

Affiliate Tracking

Track what promotional sources and partnerships have driven the most donations to your campaign (available for all accounts).

Better Branding

White Label

Remove all reference to The Chesed Fund and add your own organization’s branding to your campaigns.

Premium Templates

Display your campaign messaging and graphics in an elegant and modern way, effectively conveying the professionalism and vision behind your cause.

Remove Tip Box

Remove the default request from donors to support The Chesed Fund.

Advanced Fundraising

Donor Pays Processing

Allow donors to offset the costs of credit card processing by covering it in their donation.

Preset Donations

Create recommended donation amounts and tiers to inspire donors to give more and recognize contributions over a certain size.

Recurring Donations

Create recurring revenue by getting donors to subscribe to recurring donations, generating predictable cashflow for your organization over time.


Prompt donors to increase their donation amount during the checkout process, leading to more donations to your cause.

Projector Mode

Prominently recognize donors with displays that look great on screens at live events. Keep the excitement going as they auto-update with campaign progress.

Donor Relationships

Donor Info

Collect additional donor info  during the donation process, empowering better long-term relationships with your donors.

Honor Roll

A dedicated page or section to recognize your donors by the donation impact they have made.

Manual Donations

Manually process donations collected over the phone or other method via The Chesed Fund dashboard. (Available on all accounts)

Donor Rescue

Identify donors who may have had trouble donating and provide support to help them complete their transactions.

Donor Retention

Instantly display your most generous donors and see if they’ve given to your current campaign yet.