Pre Pesach Spotlight

Pesach’s around the corner, and preparations are in full swing.  Despite how busy we all are, dozens of k’lal yisroel’s executive directors found time to launch campaigns for their institutions, and friends andf family of people in need made the time to bring in necessary funds.

TCF is proud to provide an avenue for all facets of the Jewish world to fundraise.  We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our fundraisers who have put their trust in our platform, and fill our efforts with meaning and purpose.

Below is a short list of some of the most successful campaigns from the past month.

Our list starts with a veteran fundraiser of ours, the Helping Hands Ko-Op.  This chesed organization believes that if you allow a person to pay for his food, even at a very discounted price, he is empowered to get back on his feet, and this belief has proved itself correctover and over again. Donors know their donation has a long term effect, and recipients love feeling like customers, not “cases”.  With another beautiful page, this time around they raised over $200k.  Amazing!
Next up is Bais Mordechai – Kollel Avreichim of West Hollywood. Aside from being a real center for serious learning, Bais Mordechai strives to teach, uplift, and inspire the Hollywood Community by creating dynamic programming to spread the love of Torah and experience the joy of yiddishkeit.  With a classic page look, and over 40 teams, they brought it nearly $800k.  Keep on shteighing!
Yeshivas Derech HaChayim, or “Faivelson’s,” as it is affectionately known, has a very special place in the hearts of so many Bochurim and Yungerleit. The Rosh Yeshiva’s simple yet meaningful approach resonates deeply with the kollel, bachurim, and alumni, all of which participated in this campaign.  Over 100 teams strong, this campaign raised over $250k.  Great work!
Ohel Shalom Torah Center is built on a rich history, but the “Looking To Tomorrow” campaign was all about the future.  Harav Daniel J. Raccah has always encouraged his students and congregants to be visionaries, and consider tomorrow’s communal needs, such as youth programming, increased shiurim, and staff expansion.  With powerful writing, dozens of teams, a stunning page, and a historical bracha from HaRav Ovadia Yosef ztz’l, OSTC raised nearly $400k.  Achreichem!

We end this month’s article with two campaigns that show k’lal yisroel’s ability to help those in need, and to react to tragedy with courage and hope.

When Chaim Elefant a’h tragically passed away, leaving behind his wife and 4 children, BCLA/Misaskim of LA stepped forward to ensure the family’s stability.  Their hardworking team of community leaders, askanim, and volunteers, got together to spread the word.  At this point, they’ve brought it over $2 million.
On Sunday March 19, 2023, Itamar resident and former US marine David Stern was driving with his wife Rachel through Huwara, and his car was shot at by a terrorist. He sustained several gun shot wounds and heroically managed to shoot back to defend himself and his wife, and apply a tourniquet to his own arm.  Within a day, a TCF page was set up, and friends and family rallied to raise  $230k.  Thankfully, David has regained consciousness.  Along with his wife, Rachel, David was quick to express gratitude to all the donors for their love and support.