October Spotlight

This month marked the culmination of the Jewish holidays, a month where traditionally many families encounter increased financial hardship – and many donors are inspired to give, in order to merit a sweet new year.

It comes as no surprise that many successful campaigns were run on the Chesed Fund this month, culminating in millions of dollars that went towards feeding and clothing the poor, supporting those less fortunate, furthering Jewish education, dedicating sefer torahs, and more.

Below is a selection of some of the successful causes that were run this month on The Chesed Fund. We are grateful for their trust in our platform and for our ability to be part of their fundraising success.

Here are some notable campaigns that we ran in the past month.

In the world of truly selfless giving, Chicago Chesed Fund (CCF) is a powerhouse. No community need is too large (or small), and CCF lets everyone know they are there to help. With a beautiful page layout, and endless motivation, they managed to inspire over 1000 donors to bring in well over $2 million — one of our most successful campaigns to date. Great job!


To try and summarize what Avigdor’s Helping Hand (AHH) does in a few lines is impossible. They’ve spread their net wide to help any victim of misfortune get whatever support they need. In their recent campaign, “Never Alone,” they inspired k’lal yisroel to join them in expressing compassion and warmth to their grateful clientele. They raised over $1 million this time around, after an amazing campaign last year as well.
With their “Answer the Call” campaign, The Aleph Institute appealed to Jews everywhere to help shoulder the burden of incarcerated Jews, who are in need of constant assistance and encouragement.  With nearly $300k raised, they’ve ensured they can provide all the religious needs to our brothers and sisters currently being kept away from their families. They called, and k’lal yisroel answered!
Bobbie’s Place started small — A couple of bins of used clothing in a Brooklyn basement offered to neighbors. Just a  few short years later, they’ve helped provide 45,000 new outfits to over 10,000 children in 7 locations. No strangers to TCF campaigns, this time around they brought in over half a million dollars. Ashrei chelkam!
Another heavy hitter this month was RAJE Maryland. This unique organization raised nearly $200k to continue their vital work. In their own words, they are soldiers in “the war against Jewish apathy.” Russian American Jews will gain for generations to come, with enhanced connection to each other, the greater Jewish community, and to their heritage.
At TCF, we are proud to offer a way for families who’ve experienced the worst of tragedies to feel support and compassion from Jews everywhere. Ezra Pollak z’l was suddenly taken from this world at the mere young age of two years old. In only a few days, $200k had been donated to sponsor a Sefer Torah in his memory. In the words of Ezra’s family, “we are blown away by the tremendous response we’ve received.”
The Helping Hands Food Ko-op believes every Jew should have access to affordable and nutritious kosher food, regardless of income. No stranger to TCF, this time around they brought it nearly $500k to empower and show true love to 80 families a week, 120 families a Yom tov, and 600 families for Pesach.