Making it Count: Not All Fundraising Efforts Were Created Equal

There are a lot of ways to raise funds for your organization. But not all methods were created equal.

One classic, traditional method for raising funds was through a gala event. You throw a great party, have honorees, and raise funds for your cause.

The issue is, that by the time you finish paying for the hall, the caterers, and the entertainment, there’s not much left for your day to day operations. You might be the talk of the town, everyone may have had a great time, but you’re left with little to show for it.

Crowdfunding has always been a much more lean way to raise funds for your organization. With limited overhead and upfront costs, you are left with much heftier margins with which to continue doing your good work.

Typically, even the most expensive components of crowdfunding campaigns pale in comparison to the cost of gala events. Just a few thousand dollars of strategy and creative work is usually all you need to run a stellar campaign, and buying sushi for your call center volunteers is a lot cheaper than catering a five course meal for 500 people.

The internet has changed the way organizations can raise funds, and Covid has forced this change on all of us whether we’d like it or not.

At The Chesed Fund, we offer a suite of tools to help you maximize your crowdfunding efforts, allowing you to leverage even limited resources towards exponential success. Talk to our crowdfunding experts today to learn how to plan your next crowdfunding event.