Jewish Community of Plano Raises $265,261 in One Day

A few days ago growing community of Plano, TX joined together for their yearly fundraising campaign, and chose The Chesed Fund to be their platform of choice. Every donation was matched x4 by donors, and together, 300 people raised over $265,000 dollars.

The original goal was $200,000, and, when that was quickly reached, the campaign organizers used The Chesed Fund’s “Bonus goal” feature to raise an additional $50,000. The campaign soon overshot even that goal, raising an additional $15,000 above it.

The Chesed Fund was designed to be extremely easy for a fundraiser to quickly set up a campaign and begin running it by themselves. “The Chesed Fund was incredibly easy to use,” says the campaign organizer, Rabbi Nissel of Plano. “and the customer service from their support staff was extremely responsive and helpful.”

These high-tech features and dedicated support area all available free to any individual or cause that wants to raise funds. “Our experience was just as good, if not better, than the paid platforms out there,” added Rabbi Nissel. “Our campaign went very smoothly, thank you Chesed Fund, for your help!”

To start your own campaign, just begin here.