Introducing Pushka from The Chesed Fund: Revolutionizing on the Go Fundraising

In an era where technological advancements are transforming the way we interact with the world around us, The Chesed Fund has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation by introducing groundbreaking fundraising solutions.

Introducing Pushka Technology: Revolutionizing Fundraising

With the introduction of their new Pushka technology, The Chesed Fund offers two dynamic methods for on-the-go fundraising, providing individuals and organizations with versatile tools to collect donations and contributions.

Two Ways to Fundraise with Pushka Technology

  1. S700 Card Reader: For those seeking an all-in-one solution, the S700 Card Reader is an excellent choice. Equipped with a touchscreen interface and built-in card processing technology, this device simplifies the process of collecting donations and contributions during in-person events, gatherings, or fundraisers.
  2. Pushka App: The Pushka App is a user-friendly mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms (coming soon). Users can easily download and install the app on their devices, providing them with the capability to process credit card payments using NFC tap-to-pay technology. With a simple tap of an NFC-enabled credit card to the back of your Android or iOS device, you can initiate a payment, eliminating the need for manual data entry and streamlining the donation process.

1) The S700 Card Reader: An All-in-One Fundraising Solution

In addition to the Pushka App, The Chesed Fund now offers the S700 Card Reader, a comprehensive solution that simplifies on-the-go fundraising. This device features a user-friendly touchscreen interface and built-in card processing technology, allowing fundraisers to accept donations and contributions with ease.

2) The Pushka App on Android and iOS:

Collect Credit Card Payments by Tapping your Phone (NFC Technology)

Embracing the simplicity and efficiency of modern technology, The Chesed Fund introduces the Pushka App, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This innovative application leverages Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to revolutionize the way we collect funds in person. Whether you’re a Gabbai of a synagogue or an individual raising money for a worthy cause, this app has the potential to transform your fundraising game.

Download The Chesed Fund Pushka App on Android and iOS (coming soon) – CLICK HERE

Security and Trust

As with any application or device involving financial transactions, security remains a paramount concern. The Chesed Fund has prioritized the protection of users’ sensitive financial information during transactions. Robust security measures, including encryption, are in place to ensure users’ trust and safeguard their data against unauthorized access.

Empowering Gabbais and Fundraisers

The Pushka Technology, through the Pushka App and the S700 Card Reader, empowers Gabbais of synagogues and individuals engaged in in-person fundraising endeavors. Whether you are collecting donations during a Minyan or other community events, these tools provide a convenient and secure way to collect contributions without the need for physical cash or traditional payment methods.

The Future of Fundraising

The Chesed Fund’s Pushka Technology represents a significant leap forward in the world of fundraising and donations. The innovative use of NFC technology streamlines the payment process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. It simplifies the act of giving, opening up new possibilities for organizations and individuals seeking to make a positive impact.

The Chesed Fund’s Pushka Technology marks a game-changing innovation in the fundraising landscape. By offering two distinct methods for on-the-go fundraising—Pushka App on Android and iOS, and S700 Card Reader—it simplifies the process of collecting donations and contributions, paving the way for a more seamless and efficient fundraising experience. As we eagerly anticipate the launch of the iOS version, it is clear that this technology has the potential to reshape the way we approach fundraising, one tap at a time.

With The Chesed Fund’s Pushka Technology, the future of fundraising is here, and it’s never been easier.


S700 Card Reader:

The Chesed Fund makes it easy to get started with your new Pushka device. You can order your own S700 Card Reader by making a security deposit of $450. Once you raise $15,000 with your device, your deposit will be refunded to you, essentially providing you with a cutting-edge fundraising tool at no cost to you. Processing fees are 5.9% + .30 per transaction.

Android and iOS Apps:

The Chesed Fund apps are free to download. Just download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (coming soon) . Processing fees are 3.5% (basic) 5.9% (premium) + $0.30 per transaction

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