Introducing Projector Mode

We’re excited to introduce the latest innovation in our suite of fundraising tools.

Projector mode allows you to highlight your campaign in a simplified format that showcases your recent donors and total amounts raised.

This makes it perfect for live events where you want to generate excitement as you progress closer to your fundraising goal.

Projector mode displays a large progress bar across the top of your page, along with the goal and total amounts raised.

Below that is a space for a graphic, a leaderboard of your top teams, and a list of your most recent donations. All these elements can be customized to your specific brand colors.

Accessing Projector mode is a simple as adding /projector to the end of your campaign URL, making the full link look something like

It is perfect for dinners, fundraising events, and call centers where you want to keep the excitement high and your team motivated.

In projector mode, your page will update live as new donors and donations come in, giving donors a chance to have their name on the big screen and get the recognition they deserve.

Projector mode is one of a suite of tools available for premium campaigns, including preset donations, recurring donations, and fundraising teams. Start your next campaign today to help make your next crowdfunding campaign a success!