The Chesed Fund Introduces: Elegant Theme

Since its inception The Chesed Fund has prided itself in creating simple, powerful fundraising tools that allows organizations and individuals to get up and running with their own crowdfunding campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Ease of use has always been at the forefront of the design and structure of The Chesed Fund platform, and now a new resource has been added to the list: a new Elegant Theme campaign layout that provides a sleek, modern interface to every campaign while still being easy to set up and run.

The Elegant Theme is available for all premium campaigns, and supports a large image or slider at the top of the campaign page, a popup video player, and multiple spots on the page for additional graphics. Many of the colors of the page elements can also be customized to fit your brand.

If you have a campaign with existing graphic resources, the Elegant Theme is a great way to showcase them on desktop and mobile devices for full effect.

A Chesed Fund success specialist can help you get started with the Elegant Theme, along with extensive coaching on every aspect of your fundraising strategy, to help ensure that your fundraising efforts are resounding success.

See Below of various examples of the Elegant theme in action.

Toras Chaim – Simcha through Success

Bikur Cholim of Baltimore

Creating Masterpieces:

Koledetsky Campaign 

Ohr Hatorah