How to Utilize The Chesed Fund for your Next Fundraising Dinner

With the fundraising dinner season just around the corner, this is the perfect time for organizations and fundraisers to harness the power of The Chesed Fund’s commission free fundraising platform and maximize the funds raised for the event.

A great example of The Chesed Fund being used creatively is in the fundraising page created by Shalom and Esti Rand for Yeshivas Mercaz Hatorah. As dinner honorees, they created a Chesed Fund to easily solicit funds for the organization.

By simply sending around the Chesed Fund campaign to his personal connections, and including a personal message in the campaign description, Shalom was able raise $36,000 for the Yeshiva – 100% of which actually went to the cause.

The Chesed Fund offers the ability to include a personal message with the donation in appreciation of the honoree; as well as a premium, white-label version of the fundraising platform that allows the page to be branded with the organization’s logo and information.

With over $30 million raised for organizations, The Chesed Fund has become the choice destinations for Jews around the world to raise funds for their causes. The Chesed Fund has saved organizations millions of dollars in platform fees with its commitment to maximizing the impact of charitable donors.

Click here to create your own Chesed Fund campaign today, or sign up to speak to a fundraising specialist to learn more about adapting The Chesed Fund to your organization’s needs.