Google and Apple Pay Make it Easy to Do More Good

Giving Tzedaka has never been easier with The Chesed Fund’s new integration of Google Pay, Apple pay, and OJC Card.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

With Google or Apple pay, all your card info is saved to your device in a secure manner, and you can make donations to causes with a simple click. No more looking for your wallet and then typing out or your credit card or billing info over and over again.

Here’s how it works: when checking out a donation on The Chesed Fund, you’ll have the option to choose “Pay with Google/Apple Pay”. Once you choose that option, you’ll have a single button to complete you payment via your saved information.


Google pay even lets you integrate with PayPal, so that you can pay directly through your PayPal account.

This latest feature is the latest in our mission to helping people easily do more kindness, and follows up on our popular integration with OJC cards for yet another convenient way to give charity.

OJC card

One of the most commonly requested features by our fundraisers is support of OJC donations. OJC is one of the most popular donor advised fund in the Jewish world, issuing special charity cards that make it easy for its members to donate to tax-deductible causes.

We’re also excited to have completed our integration with OJC, allowing all donors to seamlessly donate to your organization’s campaigns using their card. If you already have an account with OJC, you can integrate your API key right into The Chesed Fund dashboard and get the funds directly to your account.

If you don’t, OJC will hold on to the donated funds for you until you are ready to set up an account with them.

You can browse Chesed Fund causes here or start your own campaign today.