Fundraising Features

Team Campaigns

Harness the power of your network by creating team fundraising pages with their own donation goals. Recognize your top performing teams on your main campaign page. 

Preset Donations

Guide your supports to higher donation amounts with preset donations. Perfect for raffles, donation tiers, and donor recognition.

Matching Campaigns

Increase your donation amounts by doubling or tripling value of each donor’s contribution by matching them with pledges from your larger supporters.

Dial to Donate

Allow donors to call in to your fundraising hotline and donate on the go. Great for print advertising, posts, or users without internet. 

Unique Campaign Platforms

Scratch 4 Chesed

Capture your audience’s attention with randomized ticket prices and a large cash prize.

Mitzva Cards

Allow your supporters to send virtual cards to each other as a fundraising opportunity for your cause. 

Custom Solutions

We are constantly developing new fundraising solutions to help you raise more. Need a specific tool or platform for your unique case? We can build it for you!

Creative Services

Get the help you need with strategizing and promoting your campaign
with the assistance of our creative fundraising services. 


A fundraising coach will assist you with all your specific needs, from developing a strategy to harnessing your network. 


Get the texts you need for your campaign and promotional materials that inspires people to give more. 


Eye catching visuals for your campaign and marketing efforts to showcase a professional and exciting cause.


Take your messaging to the next level with the help of a professionally crafted video that can be used on your campaign and in your promotional efforts.

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