Family Invites Klal Yisrael to Kiddush After Successful Chesed Fund Campaign

A year and a half ago, when the Chesed Fund was still in its infancy, a notable campaign was launched on the site.

The Ribakow family needed to raise money to help transform their house into a handicapped accessible one for the sake of their 7 year old twin boys, Eli and Nachi.

The Ribakows needed to help their kids with mobility, independence, and caregiver safety. Until then, they were forced to improvise within their existing house to take care of Eli and Nachi’s basic needs, like showering and toileting. However, the price tag for making their house handicap accessible was astronomical – over $50,000.

They started a campaign on The Chesed Fund to attempt to raise that amount, and, lo and behold, they hit their goal in a matter of days.

“We never thought we’d raise even close to that amount,” says Mrs. Ribakow. “Mi K’amcha Yisroel! It’s had an immediate and outstanding effect on our lives.”

Seeing the initial success of the campaign, the family raised their goal to $100,000 and came close to raising that sum as well, raising $96,000 in total.

The family was thus able to start construction on their house, transforming it into a fully handicap accessible home. A bedroom and bathroom were added on the first floor, the family room was expanded to allow them to move and play, and a new ramp allows them to easily enter and exit their house.

The hundreds of people who stepped up to contribute to this Chesed Fund campaign, despite not even being personally familiar with the family, have changed the course of the Ribakow’s lives. After 10 months of construction, Eli and Nachi have the space to move freely, gain strength, and are now washing even Netilas Yadayim on their own.

As a final act of gratitude, the family sent out a thank you letter to all donors acknowledging their appreciation – and inviting them to a Kiddush and Chanukkas Habayis at their newly renovated home.

Whether or not you’ll be able to make it to the Kiddush, seeing the smile on Eli and Nachi’s face is reminder enough of the Jewish people’s unique inclination to perform exceptional acts of kindness, which continues to express itself every day on The Chesed Fund.

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