Dial to Donate – Updates!

Dial to Donate has been a popular feature on the Chesed Fund, allowing users without access to the online version of a Chesed Fund fundraising campaign to still make a donation entirely through their phone.

We’re excited to announce an update to this feature, where individuals can also receive updates about the campaign’s progress, in addition to donating to it.

They can find out the total amount donated and how many donors contributed to it. This feature allows individuals without access to internet, a smartphone, or a computer, to still feel engaged and inspired by a campaign, in addition to contributing to it.

This feature is perfect for sharing your campaign with audiences that don’t have access to technology, or in mediums like print ads and posters.

Each campaign gets a unique ID number which a user enters after dialing The Chesed Fund’s dial-to-donate number. This unique ID then allows the user to make a donation or get campaign updates.

Start your next Chesed Fund campaign today and tap into the power of Dial to Donate and a host of other digital fundraising tools to make your next fundraising campaign a smashing success!

Note that donations made through dial to donate incur an additional 3% fee on top of any other fees associated with that campaign or account. For a full breakdown of fees, please refer to this page.