December Spotlight

2022 came to a close with a bang at TCF.  Old friends, along with newcomers, grabbed the last few days of 2022 and managed to bring in millions.  Their efforts, and refusal to slow down as the year ended, ensured the continued success of Torah and chesed institutions.  

Below is a small selection of  the successful causes that were run this month on TCF.  We’d like to give a big yasher koach to these fundraisers, for placing  their trust in our platform and for truly actualizing what we have to offer.  Let’s go!

Only a few months ago, the Aleph Institute managed to bring in $300k on TCF.  But for Jewish prisoners, and their families, the need is constant.  This time around, in “Alone But Connected” k’lal yisroel stepped forward again, in a big way.  Thanks to amazing matchers, a beautiful page, and tremendously motivated team leaders, this campaign brought in well over $ 1 million.  Aleph is truly number one!

In the fall of 2018, Rabbi Meir Riber and his family arrived in Philadelphia to assume leadership of the Somerton Community Kollel.  Under his direction, the kehila has grown, and now boasts vibrant classes catering to all levels and needs.  With this month’s matching campaign, they managed to bring in nearly $300k.  Amazing work!

It would be a lot faster to write about what Exhibit J doesn’t do, rather than what they do.  Their program list goes on and on – seminars, university courses, and one-on-one executive learning, to name just a few. In “Explore, Experience, Belong,” Exhibit J boasted devoted team leaders and a beautiful, fun page.  They brought in $200k.  Case closed!

For the young, Jewish population in Chicagoland, J-Life is the address for all needs relating to Jewish connection. Downtown and in the suburbs J-Life Chicago rabbis are learning Torah with young professionals, hosting them at Shabbos tables, and creating an inclusive social network.  With the bright and vibrant “impact” campaign, over 20 teams got together and made it to the bonus round, bringing in nearly $200k.  Sweet home Chicago!

Aish St. Louis is a welcoming, respectful, non-judgmental oasis, a place to learn about and experience the depth and richness of Judaism at one’s own pace.   With this month’s TCF matching campaign, a whopping 40 teams were mobilized, and over a quarter of a million dollars were brought in.  This one of a kind institution is here to stay!

While we’re on the topic, another Aish branch was clearly on fire this month.  Aish of the Rockies (AOTR) continues to kindle the Jewish flame, for every age and style.  Day after day, year after year, they infuse energy into local Jewish life and create innovative programming and events. With “Kindle The Flame,” Aish boasted beautiful graphics, sponsors, matchers, and over 30 teams.  Nearly half a million dollars raised.  Flame On!

Our last 3 selected campaigns taught all of us to not mess with Texas!


Jewish Learning Center of Dallas

The Jewish Learning Center of Dallas serves families all over Dallas, who come to infuse their lives with meaning. This has resulted in a growing community of people committed to continuously rediscovering the beauty of Judaism.  People who care about nourishing the Jewish soul. People who want to build a strong Jewish future in Dallas.  This month’s campaign brought it $250k, to ensure the community will just keep growing and growing.  Amazing work!

If you’d like to know where the new in-town is for young professionals, apparently it’s Houston!  J-HYPE (The Jewish Houston Young Professional Experience) provides cutting edge programs, social events, educational resources and trips.  This bold page gave donors the opportunity to sponsor anything from 1-on-1 learning to a trip to Morocco!  They brought in a solid $150k.  We’re sure we’ll be hearing from them in the future.  Enjoy the trip!

We’d like to end our post by celebrating a very special anniversary. 

In the heart of Dallas, many young Jewish families are searching for connection and community.  For 10 years now JET (Jewish Education Texas) has been there to show them that there is a joy that comes with living a life guided by meaning and Jewish values. At the state-of-the-art “JET HUB,” people are proud to connect, learn, and grow. In their 10 year anniversary campaign, JET recruited 18 teams and 55 sub-teams, and brought in well over $200k. All engines go!