Bnos Yisroel’s Thank You Telethon is an Important Lesson of Fundraising Done Right

We are all familiar with the fundraising telethon, whereby a group of volunteers gather to make phone calls to raise funds for an organization’s crowdfunding campaign. The Chesed Fund regularly supports the planning and implementation of these types of events, including scripts, strategy, and technological tools to help make it a success.

What is less common was a focused effort employed by the Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore School, who successfully raised over $1,100,000 last month for the school: they held a separate thank you telethon specifically to express gratitude towards their 2,900+ donors.

Parents, volunteers, and other individuals who were involved in the original campaign, gathered for an evening where they could connect and express appreciation together (while enjoying some good food). Everyone was provided with a list of campaign donors and a sample call script, but donation amounts were not on there. Why? Because it made no difference. Whether the donor gave $1 or $1 million, their support made an impact. Volunteers were instructed to leave a message if they reached the voicemail.

Each donor was personally thanks for their part in the campaign exceeding its original goal by over $160,000, and the response was unprecedented. People couldn’t believe they were getting a phone call just as a thank you, and the gratitude felt by the school left a deep mark on all those involved.

Other than being a shining example of exemplary middos, it’s obvious that the school’s relationship with their donors was made that much stronger which will have a positive impact in future fundraising efforts. This strategy can serve as an inspiration for other fundraising campaigns, hopefully becoming a best-practice as part of a successfully executed event.

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