Aishel Raises $120k in Blitz Crowdfunding Campaign

Aishel-Reena’s Place is an organization, the only frum one of its kind in Jerusalem, which provides unconditional support for young women who are struggling.

These are girls who might otherwise be roaming the streets, looking for a place to belong. This can often end very badly, as they spiral into bad crowds and street behaviors.

Aishel-Reena’s Place held a crowdfunding campaign to help them raised funds to continue to maintain a professional, safe, supportive and frum environment for these girls. It was a smashing success: the original goal was to raise $80,000, and yet the campaign raised 50% more than that: a whopping $120,000 in just 48 hours.

Several factors, along with, of course, tremendous Siyata Dishmaya, contributed to their success: their campaign text was well written, and they had several pictures showcasing their work in action.

The organization was also extremely coordinated between different staff members. This allowed the campaign to flow smoothly, and for staff members to tap into existing donor bases and enlist the help of higher-net-worth donors to contribute to the campaign.

The organizers did a great job advertising the campaign online and on social media. They designed an array of banners that told a personal story of the individuals whose lives they were impacting.

Most importantly, they gave it their all. Completely committed to the success of the campaign, they maintained an all-or-nothing attitude and a strong sense of Bitachon that their cause was a worthy one, worth doing whatever it took to make it a success.

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