A Cautionary Tale about Digital Fundraising

We recently encountered the following story and thought it was imperative to share: A individual had raised over $15,000 for a cause with the help of a website they had built themselves.

After working hard to raise the funds, they were informed that their actions were against the terms of service of the website and all those hard-earned funds were being refunded.

One can imagine the frustration. If they would of used TheChesedFund, this would of never happened. Our system is completely optimized for digital fundraising and funds could be created in just a few minutes.

Another time, an organization had come to us frantic: a fundraising campaign they had been planning for months, had been so successful it had caused the platform they were using to crash. Halfway through a campaign raising millions of dollars, everything was down. We quickly migrated them over to The Chesed Fund and they successfully completed their campaign.

Both these stories serve as cautionary tales, indicating the importance of picking the right crowdfunding platform for your campaign. Crowdfunding is an industry valued at $17 billion and growing, but not all platforms are created equal. At peak times, The Chesed Fund processes several donations every minute – it’s a lot to ask from a site to be able to handle this type of load gracefully without slowing down or crashing.

At The Chesed Fund, we are constantly working on optimizing our servers and website to create a platform that’s as stable as possible.  We have a team of developers working day and night to improve the experience, and support staff standing by to address any questions or issues via chat, email, or phone. And we do all this without charging any commissions – something that is virtually unheard of on other platforms.

We rely entirely on donations to keep running, and therefore empower any fundraiser, from every organization or cause, to instantly create their campaign and start fundraising. Click here to get started now, and begin raising funds on The Chesed Fund right away.