Frequently Asked Questions

How The Chesed Fund Works

What is The Chesed Fund? is a collaborative way to raise funds for all Jewish related causes at no cost to the beneficiary. provides an easy, online platform for anyone to crowdfund. Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising where many people donate small amounts making it faster to raise funds than otherwise possible. We provide all the tools you need to help others and partake in the mitzvah of chesed.

Who can use The Chesed Fund? is open for anyone to use and is totally free to use with any type of campaign – creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial.


How much does it cost?

Nothing! It doesn’t cost anything to create a campaign or to collect funds. The recipient pays the credit card transaction fees, however. never collects commissions on donations unlike other crowdfunding sites.


How much are the credit card processing fees?

Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction.
International transactions are up to 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

The credit card processing fee is collected by Stripe and it does not go to


How does The Chesed Fund work?

Anyone can create a campaign, where you tell your story and set a funding goal. You can use to create your campaign, share it with your network, engage readers, track information about contributors, and collect money. provides excellent customer service for creating your campaigns and collecting money.

We started to propel chesed forward. We know there are a lot of people with great needs in the Jewish community and we are ecstatic to be the conduit to further chesed in the global Jewish community.

Can I use The Chesed Fund to raise money for a non-profit or charity organization?


Yes, but be prepared to supply with official documents that may be needed to prove your organization’s authenticity.


Is there a limit to how much money I can raise on The Chesed Fund?

There is no official limit, but we highly suggest that you be reasonable. In addition to turning away potential donors with an unreasonable goal, campaigns that seem to us as highly unreasonable may be removed.

How do I get the money?

You must set up your Stripe account, and they will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

The money does not go through The Chesed Fund’s account.

Stripe and Payment Setting

How do I activate my Stripe account?

After creating your campaign, you will receive an email from Stripe, with a link that will say “Claim Your Stripe Account”. This email will go to the email address you used when you set up your Chesed Fund account.

After you click on the link in your email you will be asked to create a password for your new Stripe account.  Save your password to proceed to the dashboard. From the Stripe dashboard, click on “Activate Your Account” on the top left.  This will take you to a form where you can fill out all your business and banking details.

Can I create a Stripe account even if I don’t have a business?

Yes.  Although Stripe calls it a “business account”, you can still use this account to accept donations. Here are some tips to fill out the form as an individual:

Tell us about your business – “Accepting donations”

Your business type – Individual/Sole Proprietorship

Business Address – enter your personal address

Website –

Business Name – enter the title of your campaign

Be sure to add your legal name.

The rest of the questions are simple questions related to your bank account.


I’m connected to a non-profit organization, could I create a non-profit Stripe account with the organization’s bank details?

Absolutely! But please be sure to fill out the form appropriately.

Do I need to activate my Stripe account before I begin to accept donations?

Yes.  If your account is not activated prior to launching, you won’t be able to fully launch your campaign.

How do I know if my campaign is working properly?

Go to ‘payment settings’ in your Chesed Fund dashboard and check if the status is activated or not activated.


What is the simplest way to contact Stripe if I have questions?

Go to, and use their live-chat on the bottom right corner.  This feature is only available during their business hours.

What if I already had a Stripe account prior to creating a campaign with The Chesed Fund?

You can use that Stripe account.  Just be sure to create your Chesed Fund account with the exact same email address as your current Stripe account.

Will I get the money all at once when the campaign is over or do I get it periodically during the campaign?

By default, the funds get transferred to your bank according to the Stripe payout schedule (which is every day or so in the US), but you can change the settings if you’d rather transfer the funds on your own schedule. The initial payout takes 7 – 10 business days to transfer to your bank.

Donor Questions

Will I get a tax receipt?

Each campaign is different.  If the campaign is tax deductible, it should be stated clearly in the campaign description.

I’m not from the U.S, do campaigns on this site provide tax-receipts that can be used in other countries?

Most campaigns that provide tax receipts only provide U.S tax receipts.

Are donations to The Chesed Fund itself tax-deductible?


Is The Chesed Fund associated with any of the campaigns on the website?

No.  The Chesed Fund only provides the platform for others to create and run campaigns. We never touch any of the money you donate to a specific campaign; we only receive the money if you donate to The Chesed Fund itself.

Can I mail cash or a check to a campaign instead of donating online?

Each campaign on our website is different.  Feel free to contact the campaign through our “contact this campaign” feature to ask about their mailing address.

How can I contact a campaign directly?

Click on the “contact this campaign” button on the campaign page to send a message to the campaign organizer.

How will my donation appear on my bank statement?

Each campaign will be different depending on the title of the campaign, but it will begin with “TCF*”, and then followed by the title of the campaign.

Could I give an anonymous donation?

Yes, just be sure to check off the anonymous box on the donation form.

I forgot to click anonymous, what should I do?

Email, provide your name, email, and the title of the campaign you donated to, and we will change it for you.

Can I make a recurring donation to a campaign?

Yes.  You will see the option on the donation form.

Security & Verification

Is it safe to donate on

Our website is secured by GoDaddy.

All donations made through our site are secured by Stripe.

Is a verification mandatory?


How are campaigns verified?

We ask for supporting documents, Rabbinical endorsements, and references for community leaders and individuals who are associated with the campaign.

We then review the documents for authenticity and reach out to the references to review the campaign.

We only verify campaigns upon request.  There is a $100 fee for each verification.

How do I get my campaign verified?

Visit this page. You will be asked to fill out a form with all the necessary information.

Fundraiser Questions

Could I create an anonymous campaign?

Your campaign page can be completely anonymous.  But donors will be able to see the name of the account holder on the Stripe account after they have donated.

Could tax-receipts be automatically sent via email after a donation is made?

Yes, if your campaign is connected to a 501c3, click on “edit campaign”, then click on “campaign settings.”  After confirming that you are a 501c3, you will see a place to add your organization’s info.

How long does a campaign last on the website?

Campaigns can remain on the site for as long as necessary.  If a campaign is deemed inappropriate or hasn’t had any activity for an extended amount of time, the campaign will be deactivated.

Can I edit a campaign after I launch?

Yes, almost everything can be edited after launching.  This includes the campaign title, description, target goal, etc. The only thing we don’t usually change is the campaign URL, so make sure you are happy with the URL before you launch your campaign.

How do I upload a video for my campaign?

You will first need to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, and then copy and paste the link on your campaign page.

How do I pause my campaign?

Click “edit campaign”, and then click “pause”.  This will remove the campaign from the site.  You can reactivate the campaign at any time by clicking “activate.”

Will I be able to receive a list of all the people that donated to my campaign?

Yes.  Click “edit campaign,” select the “payment settings” tab, and then click on “export donations.”  You will then receive a download link to your Chesed Fund email address.

How do I activate/launch my campaign?

Click “edit campaign”, and then click “activate”.

How can I raise more awareness about my campaign?

We encourage all campaigns to spread the word via email, social media, and advertising.

How can I delete my campaign?

We don’t delete campaigns.  But you can pause your campaign, and this will remove it from the site.

If I am receiving donations, how will the donations appear on my bank statement?

It will appear as your campaign title.